The 6+ Benefits of Anti Aging Creams

A woman applying an anti-aging cream to her face to reverse the emergence of crow’s feet around her eyes. There are many benefits of anti wrinkle creams.All brands of skincare or beauty products claim to be the best and the most effective when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Because of this, you may be left confused and unsure about which of these products to purchase, or spoilt for choice over the wide array of beauty and skin products on the market.

One particular skin product that is highly in demand on the market today is LifeCell anti-aging cream. This is because of the many known anti-wrinkle cream benefits.

To successfully achieve benefits such as plumper, softer skin and a better tone you need to know what to look for in any anti-wrinkle solution.

To help you make a more informed decision when buying these skincare lotions, we have outlined the key ingredients and benefits that should form part of any effective skincare product:

Review of the South Beach SkinCare LifeCell All-In-One Anti Aging Cream

Ingredients and Benefits of Anti-Aging Creams


As the skin ages, it’s natural for it to sag. This is due to the depletion or reduction of the skin’s natural collagen. The skin’s natural collagen provides cell and tissue support, making the skin supple. Deanol works as a collagen-boosting supplement to maintain the skin’s firmness and tightness. It helps in the production of collagen fibers which keep the skin firm and well-toned. This ingredient results in healthier, firmer, and plumper skin which is one of the many anti-aging cream benefits, a user can achieve.

Shea Butter

Shea butter has healing and antioxidant properties. This is a great addition to ingredients like hyaluronic acid, deanol, and retinol. This definitely makes an amazing anti-aging combo for the skin. A combination of all these will effectively reduce wrinkles and age spots leaving younger-looking skin.

Anti-oxidants in shea butter protect the skin from damage-causing free radicals that penetrate even the inner layers of the skin. Shea butter also adds to the skin’s natural moisture and suppleness because of its fatty component.

Hyaluronic Acid

As the skin gets older, it loses its natural moisture, resulting in skin dryness and less elasticity. Signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles become more visible. This is all because the skin has a reduced ability to retain moisture and depth. Hyaluronic acid, besides playing a vital role in collagen synthesis, is considered a super hydrator due to its moisture-retaining functions.

This ingredient, when added to topical skin creams or serums, easily penetrates the upper layer of the skin and provides the needed skin support and hydration. This, therefore, brings a youthful glow, and smoother skin, and effectively reduces visible wrinkles.  This is one important ingredient that any anti-aging cream must have.


Other signs of aging, aside from visible wrinkles and sagging skin, include skin discoloration, age spots, and uneven skin tone. To fix this problem on the skin, make sure that the ingredient of the face cream includes retinol. The skin needs vitamins, and retinol is a form of vitamin A.

This ingredient speeds up skin cell regeneration or skin cell renewal, replacing old cells with younger and healthier skin cells. This beauty cream ingredient reduces age spots, skin discoloration, and evens out the skin. The skin will definitely have a more radiant glow with the presence of Retinol in the skin beauty serum.


Most face creams will claim to have anti-oxidants so make sure there is some level of protection in the ingredients. The skin is exposed to harmful molecules, skin-damaging UV lights, and free radicals. All these factors result in premature aging of the skin. Anti-oxidants are the skin’s first line of defense in protecting the skin cells.

Vitamins E & C

Anti-aging cream ingredients like Deanol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinol work effectively to make sure that the skin gets its needed nutrients. However, a good diet goes a long way to having healthy skin. Increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamins E and C because these are vital in skin renewal and repair. These have strong anti-oxidant properties and they aid in the production of skin structural proteins like collagen.

The face is not the only exposed part of the body that shows signs of aging. The neck also shows some aging effects. Anti-wrinkle creams are not necessarily for the face only, they can also be applied to the neck. The skin on the neck tends to also sag as the skin ages, so just like the skin on the face, it equally needs extra treatment just the same.