11 Tips on How to Get Beard Dye out of Eyebrows

You may unintentionally smudge your eyebrows with beard dye but you don’t have to freak out because most beard dyes are as good as any of your favorite eyebrow dyes. So you can opt to apply more beard dye and let it serve. You can also choose to get rid of it and here we will show you the means of how to get beard dye out of eyebrows.

Types of Beard Dye

i. Henna dye

If you are worried about using dye with harsh chemicals, henna dye is the best. Henna dyes are made from natural ingredients formulated to tint your beard. Unlike other dyes, henna dyes give your beard a soft and natural tint.

ii. Cream dye

Cream dyes are easy-to-use formulations that are ready to use. If you want a dye that does not require mixing and does not drip, consider getting a cream dye. However, you need some professional knowledge to use cream dyes.

iii. Herbal powder dye

Herbal powder dyes are ideal for those with skin sensitivity. You need to do some mixing before using herbal powder dyes.

How Long Does Beard Dye Last?

It all depends on the type of dye that you use. The henna dye can go up to 20 weeks. The permanent dye will grow with your hair. Semi-permanent hair will stay for an average of four weeks.

11 Tips on How to Get Beard Dye Out of Eyebrows

1. Using a paste of baking soda and water

Using a paste of baking soda, water,  and mild soap can help to scrub out the dye from your eyebrows. The baking soda will act as a scrubbing agent and the soap will help with dissolving everything. You can use mild dishwashing soap if you are not sure about the right soap to use.

2. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is very effective and especially if you have some dye spread on the skin. Use a piece of cotton wool soaked in alcohol to rub the affected area. After using rubbing alcohol remember to clean and moisturize the area. However, you need to be careful with alcohol and use it as little as possible since it can irritate your skin.

3. Tinting the eyebrows to hide the dye 

If you cannot get the dye out of your eyebrows, you can use a tinting dye. The hair dye will help to mask the color of the dye for beards by giving it a different color. For effective tinting, you can visit a professional.

4. Silicone-based makeup remover and a cotton pad

Sometimes a silicone-based makeup remover and a cotton pad are enough. It all depends on the type of dye that you used. If you used a semi-permanent dye, it should be easy to wipe with a cotton pad and makeup remover.

5. Shaving the eyebrows and redrawing them

Shaving your eyebrows is an extreme method of getting rid of the dye but it still works. Start by shaving the eyebrows and drawing them once again. You can draw them in your preferred color if you feel that using the beard dye was a mistake. Make sure that you draw them to look as realistic as possible and add some powder to complete the look.

6. Washing Brows with a clarifying shampoo

A clarifying shampoo like Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo  is great for removing dirt and build-up caused by using dyes, especially if you used henna or any other product build-up.

The Morroccanoil clarifying shampoo is safe and easy to use at home. Since some dyes can make your hair weak and brittle, this shampoo contains nourishing argan and avocado oils that will help restore your hair and scalp. It is ideal for moving semi-permanent hair color.

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7. Bleaching your brows

Bleaching your eyebrows involves making them as blonde as possible. This is a good method because blonde tends to take all the colors applied to it. If you feel that you need a fresh color, start by bleaching your brows so that they absorb color effectively.

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8. Beard dye is safe for eyebrows so you can add more of it to the eyebrows

If you do not love the current shade of your brows, all you need to do is to play around with the dye. You can add more dye to the already existing one. It will make your eyebrows appear darker and more accurate.

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9. Leaving the dye to fade out in a matter of weeks

Patience pays in cases where you do not want to go through the tedious process of removing the dye. It might take a few weeks before you start seeing the original color of the brows. The time it takes will depend on the type of dye that you used. If you used a semi-permanent dye it will fade out fast.

10. Styling your hair into fringe bangs to cover the eyebrows until the beard dye fades out gradually

Concealing your brows also works if you don’t like the color. You can conceal your brows with creative hair styling. A fringe or some bangs will work out as you wait for the hair to fade out. You can try experimenting with hairstyles that bring some hair to your face and completely cover the eyebrows. It’s actually a good opportunity to try something new with your hair.

11. Scrubbing using a tint remover

We have some hair dye tint removers available in the market. They work well to remove bad dye hair colors. However, you need to be careful and choose a mild tint remover that is safe for your face. Harsh tint removers are likely to cause skin irritation.

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