Proto-Col Collagen Drink Review

collagenshotWe recently got the opportunity to try a new Collagen drink which has just hit the market called Proto-Col. The Collagen supplement market is a very fast growing segment of the anti aging market and we have reviewed a similar product on our site earlier on in the year.

This has become a very competitive segment so we often get offered the opportunity to try these product out for ourselves.

So What is Proto-Col Collagen Shot

Protocol is a liquid collagen drink that is taken to help with the prevention of wrinkles. Our bodies have natural collagen which is usually found in the fibrous tissues of skin, bones and blood vessels. As we age these levels deplete and the effect is aching bones and sagging wrinkly skin.

In order to supplement the bodies collagen levels you can either take collagen tablets or drink it as part of a power shot. Collagen in it’s liquid form has always been the better option as it is digested into the body in higher concentrates that a traditional collagen pill.

Taking collagen is like adding more reservoirs to retain moisture within the skin, so the skin feels soft and supple.

Proto-Col Collagen Benefits

Most Collagen drinks have very similar ingredients and its the make up and quantities of these that will distinguish which one’s work and which don’t.

Some Key Benefits:

  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Helps to improve skin elasticity.
  • Helps to improve skin tonicity and firmness.
  • Promotes healthier and younger looking skin.
  • Dark berry flavor.
  • 10 day supply = 1 bottle per day.

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Proto-Col contains a super strength collagen shot that uses 5000mg of Verisol which is a bioactive collagen peptide that is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the elasticity of the skin in as little as 4 weeks.


Now we could dig deep down into the science and explain how this all works but most people looking for reviews on a skincare product want to know does it work and will it work me.

Their clinical studies showed that the collagen in the users skin increased by 60% after taking a 2500mg daily dose. There was a 15% increase in skin elasticity after just 4 weeks which was persistent after 8 weeks.

These are encouraging results and we can confirm that while we didn’t have our own scientific numbers to back it up, the product we used definitely resulted in a softer more supple skin texture.

The Dark Berry flavor is really nice and doesn’t leave a nasty after taste like many other collagen products.

We used the product for just under 4 weeks and found the fine lines around the eyes looked less prominent. We would suggest that for a more effective result that you use the product for at least 8 weeks.

Collagen Shot

Who is behind Proto-Col

Proto-col is a specialist British collagen beauty brand with over 11 years of research and development implemented in a full range of collagen products ranging from skin creams to intensive nutritional supplementation.

What Others are Saying

Final Thoughts

If you looking for an effective collagen supplement that can give you results within a month then give Proto-Col Collagen drink a try. It has been proven that adding collagen to your daily diet can improve the skins elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

If you feel its not working for your return it with 30 days for a refund.

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