7 Most Common Deodorant Mistakes that you NEED to STOP

7 most common deodorant mistakes you need to stopFrom confusing antiperspirant with deodorant to applying the personal hygiene product at the wrong time, these are the common mistakes you might be making with deodorants.

  1. Confusing Deodorant with Antiperspirant

Deodorant is meant to mask foul body odor while an antiperspirant is meant to reduce sweating. Deodorants contain acidic ingredients that repulse or kill the odor-causing bacteria in the target area. They also contain perfume that gives you a better odor. Antiperspirants on the other hand contain active ingredients such as aluminum salts that stick to a protein in the sweat glands, thus plugging the sweat duct. This temporarily stops or reduces perspiration.

Most products in the market do combine deodorant and antiperspirant but if they are separate, you should ensure that what you have is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant.

  1. Applying on Dirty Skin

For a deodorant to work well and for longer, it needs to be applied on thoroughly clean and dry skin.

If you layer it on a sweaty and smelly underarm, it won’t be effective and active for long.

  1. Applying at the Wrong Time

Most of us apply deodorant when we are just about to leave the house. But that’s the wrong approach. The best deodorant for excessive sweating underarms doesn’t work well when the skin is too moist. Even if you shower and towel off, the skin is still moist enough to slough off the deodorant.

Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, President and Founding Member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, cautions that our moisture baseline during the day is too high for a deodorant. It works well when applied at night just before bedtime because the sweat glands are less active at night. If the fragrance is not enough in the morning, you can do a touch-up, but it will stay for longer because you had first applied it at night.

  1. Not Applying Regularly

Most deodorants last for 24 hours while a few can last up to 48 or 72 hours. This means you need to reapply once the strength has died away.

  1. Using the Wrong Deodorant

Different types of deodorants such as sprays, gels, and roll-ons have different concentrations of ingredients and you need to know your type of skin. If your skin is the sensitive type, you may want to go for deodorants with low alcohol and fragrance content, or a natural formula altogether.

  1. Staining your Clothes

It’s annoying to find that your deodorant has left white stains on your shirt, blouse, or top at the underarms. One method that can help you avoid this shame is letting the deodorant dry completely before you put on your clothes. And that’s why it’s all the more necessary to apply at night.

The other method is buying an invisible deodorant, such as Native Deodorant – Natural Deodorant for Women and Men that won’t stain any color of cloth.

Native Deodorant - Natural Deodorant for Women and Men - Vegan, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free - Aluminum Free, Free of Parabens and Sulfates- Cucumber and Mint. A stain-free deodorant

  1. Using the Wrong Soap

The soap you use to shower might be working against your efforts to smell good, forcing you to unnecessarily spend on deodorants. Body odor comes from bacterial metabolism. Your skin has both good and bad bacteria and the good bacteria make your skin produce antibiotics that control the odor-producing bacteria.

Harsh soaps might imbalance your skin pH and wipe out the good bacteria, leading to an overproduction of the bad bacteria responsible for the foul smell.

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