How to Get Rid of Eyebags with Makeup (6 Easy Steps)

There is nothing that a little or more makeup can’t fix! Puffy eye bags included. You can get a fresh face every time even if you have not slept well for days. All you need is to learn how to play around with makeup.

With clever makeup application techniques, you can get rid of all that puffiness under your eyes. Unfortunately, using makeup to get rid of eye bags is temporary. However, it can help you to face the day looking and feeling more confident.

What Causes Under-Eye Bags?

Eye bags occur due to the weakening of tissue and muscles supporting the eyelids. The result is that the skin starts to sag and especially on the lower eyelid. Over time, the skin becomes puffy due to the accumulation of fluid and fat in the eyelids. It’s challenging to treat eye bags but a simple way to do it is by being creative with your makeup routine.

6 Steps for Getting Rid of Eyebags with Makeup

1. First use ice packs, refrigerated spoons, etc to massage and depuff the area around the eyes

The first step to getting rid of eye bags is to relax the swelling as much as possible. You can reduce under-eye puffiness by using cold compressions. Massaging the area with ice packs and refrigerated spoons can go a long way in reducing swelling.

This is an easy and natural process that does not require the use of any chemicals or products. Always make sure that you have ice packs and ice cubes in your fridge so that you can do some touch up before you leave the house.

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2. Apply eye cream to hydrate the under eyes

Using eye cream under your eyes is a temporary solution to eye puffiness but it works great. When choosing an eye cream to reduce puffiness, make sure that you get one with caffeine.

The caffeine will help with the swelling and give you the feeling of being awake. If you want a fresh look before wearing makeup, you can start by using a good quality eye cream.

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3. Apply a bright color corrector for the dark circles

Eye bags always cause dark circles. Fortunately, you can get rid of the dark rings under your lower eyelids using a bright color corrector. The color corrector will reflect color away from your eyes and no one will notice that you have dark undereye circles.

Some of the best colors to use include orange, yellow, red, and pink. The color that you choose will depend on your skin tone. For dark skin tones, orange works best while for lighter skin tones, pink is a good choice.

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4. Apply foundation balm to contour under the eye bags

Contouring is a good makeup technique because it is all about playing with light. Using a foundation balm under your eyes just below the eyelids can be a great technique to create balance.

Contouring is best done using a darker foundation than your skin tone. If it’s done correctly together with a skin corrector, it’s possible to hide dark circles and eye puffiness.

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5. Apply a brightening concealer, lighter than your skin tone

If you do not have a color corrector, you can use a brightening concealer. Use it on your under eyes sacs to reflect color away from your eyes.

The brightening concealer should be at least one shade lighter than your skin. If you have dark circles, the concealer helps to cover them. The concealer needs to have a shiny element as opposed to going for a matte concealer. The shiny aspect of the concealer is important for the sake of reflecting light to prevent shadowing.

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6. Smoothen the texture of the under eyebags using a dab of translucent powder

Eye bags are puffy and filled with fluid. One of the best ways to treat them is by smoothing the texture. You can do that using translucent powder. Make a translucent a part of your makeup routine. Use it to polish your makeup look.

Apart from smoothing the texture of your under-eye bags, the translucent powder will also make your makeup stick for a long time. You do not have to worry about smudging makeup on your clothes or other people. Your makeup will look good even after a few hours. You can do some touch up using the powder several times a day.

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Can You Get Rid of Eye Bags Permanently?

The most effective way to get rid of eye bags is through cosmetic surgery. There is a procedure called blepharoplasty where the surgeon removes fat on the lower eyelid and tightens the muscles. After the procedure, it’s possible to achieve a smooth look under your eyes. The procedure is successful and there is no need to perform any corrections in the future.

Other ways of getting rid of under the eye puffiness involve making lifestyle changes. You can start by getting good quality sleep so that you do not strain the eye muscles. It is also advisable to avoid smoking because it interferes with the flow of blood.

Eating a balanced diet is also advisable to promote skin elasticity for good health. Unfortunately, these methods require patience and it might take months before you start seeing any results. Fortunately, these remedies help to manage the issue. You do not have to worry about your eye bags getting worse.

Does Vicks Help Under Eye Bags

Sleep deprivation and consuming a salty diet increases fluid retention around the body, including the tissue under the eyes. Applying Vicks vapor rub directly under your eyes will no doubt irritate them and make them abnormally teary.
However, tears come from glands above your eyes, which means crying won’t drain the fluid under the eyes, if there is any. Artificial tears from the strong Vicks odor will also not correct the natural causes of puffy under eye bags, such as aging, smoking, and genetics.

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