Types of Lip Makeup

A review of the types of lip products, types of lip makeup, types of lip makeup products. best drugstore lipsticks, best lipsticks for masks. glowyskinsecrets.comYour face makeup routine is not complete without doing anything to the lips. In fact, depending on the color and finish, your lips are arguably the most attractive part of your face. Nobody can ignore a gleaming and luscious pair of lips no matter the beauty or complexion of the face. However, for a sexy and attractive finish, the type and colors of the lip products used need to be carefully chosen.

Here we present the different types of lip makeups that you can use for different occasions. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a professional to apply these lip beauty products.

i.) Lip Primer

Lip primers fill, moisturize, and condition your lips in preparation for the lipstick. This helps to keep the lips smooth and soft and it also prevents smudging and bleeding so that your lipstick stays in place all day. You can also apply it before you go to bed to repair your broken lips.

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ii.) Lip Liner

Lip liners are what you apply before lipstick to help fill and define your lips for the perfect pout. The best lip liner to prevent feathering creates a sharper contrast of the lipstick edge and holds in place all day so that it doesn’t smudge or feather.

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iii.) Lip Balm

Lip balm is used to soften dry, cracked, or peeling lips. Some ladies, I included, use it every other day but it’ll certainly save your cracking lips during dry and cold or hot weather.

Your lips can also chap, flake, crack, or even bleed due to a common cold, drying and irritating products like methanol, dehydration, etc. A lip balm high in emollients will seal the cracks and trap moisture in the lips, keeping them soft and smooth.

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iv.) Lipsticks

This is the most popular lip makeup product and it comes in several shades, colors, and varied packaging.

a.) Matte Lipstick

This is the type of lipstick you use if you don’t want a glossy or shiny finish. Matte lipsticks have a dry finish that resembles natural lips. They don’t moisturize the lips and they may even dry them, so you need to use them with a hydrating lip primer. It’s best applied using a lip brush.

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b.) Sheer Lipstick

This type of lipstick is also called shiny lipstick and it gives your lips a shiny, smooth, and moist finish. Although it wears out faster than matte lipsticks, it moisturizes the lips for a vibrant look and you don’t need a lip liner to go with it.

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c.) Cream Lipstick

Creamy lipsticks give a finish that’s halfway between matte and sheer. It has tight pigments that reveal all the lines and curves of your lips while still leaving a beautifully smooth and satiny feel. It also has a higher wax content than sheer lipsticks that boosts its staying power. It’s best accompanied by a lip liner and applied using a lip brush.

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d.) Semi-Matte Lipstick

This one has a tighter color pigment that gives a matte-ish finish but it’s not as dry as a matte lipstick. It mildly moisturizes for a satiny finish and so lip liner is optional.

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v.) Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is the most eye-catching type of lip makeup you can find. They plump up your lips and add a youthful glow appropriate for casual events such as parties and occasions where you don’t mind grabbing attention. It can be worn alone or applied over lipstick. The color varies from black to invisible but they all glitter.

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vi.) Lip Stain

As if they an extension of matte lipsticks, lip stains are meant to give color with minimal gloss. They last the longest time before they fade, and are thus excellent for those days when you have an after-work function where you still want to look good but you don’t have the time for a retouch.

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vii.) Lip Concealer

This is a widely used lip product and it’s used to ensure that the lipstick color applied maintains its authentic hue instead of blending with your natural tone.

This is important for camouflaging your flaws and beautifying your lip finish all day long. Just like the lip liners, some lip concealers can enhance your lipstick outline and prevent smearing.

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